“Okay mum,” she sighed,” I’ll be home soon.” Hanging up the call, Heather strode on confidently, ignoring the light sprinkle of snow that fluttered from the sky like autumn leaves. The calmness of the empty street was seldom interrupted by the passing of cars. The snow was now coming down heavier and she pulled her coat closer, making an unsuccessful attempt to keep the winter air out. Music played loud in her ears, blaring from her earphones but no matter how loud she played it the creepy night noises crept into her brain making her paranoid. Cars seemed to slow down as they passed her, and she felt eyes staring into the back of her head. Quickening her stride, she glanced around nervously.
Memories started to play in her mind from over 10 years ago. Flashbacks of being shoved in a car, her little sister Emily crying and using all the strength in her 4 year old body to stop the men from taking her sister. But what she remembered most was not her dad running out and grabbing her off the men but the words her kidnapper screamed as he and his accomplice drove away. Those words made her live in fear as they spun around in her head like a cd stuck on repeat. “We will get you one day!”
She shivered and not from the cold. A passing car stopped and the window rolled down. “You all right there honey?” questioned the man with a cigarette hanging from his lip. “Need a lift anywhere?” “Um, yeah I’m fine, thanks though!” She smiled brightly even though that was the last thing she wanted to do. He rolled the window up and drove off glancing back at the young girl’s pale face.
“Think positive,” she thought to herself trying to remain calm she smiled unreassuringly to herself and kept on walking. Every time a car drove past, she tensed up and looked down. She checked her phone. 10:26 suddenly she became aware of the car that was creeping slowly about 20 meters behind where she was walking. Her heart started to pound as she started to pace. Yet the car followed her. Something inside her snapped and she dropped her bag and ran. Tears were streaming down her face as her feet thudded against the pavement. Her foot landed in a puddle, soaking her but she did not stop. Out of nowhere, the car appeared beside her and a man twice the size and height of Heather leaped from the car, grabbing her around the waist. She let out a shrill scream that was soon muted by the man’s rough hand. He brought down his other hand down on her unsuspecting head knocking her out cold. Once he had chucked her in the backseat, he climbed in after her. “Step on it,” he growled to the driver, the car sped away leaving Heather’s bag. A text popped up on her phone, “Stay safe darling. See you soon. Mum xx.”


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