A- Anonymous

Poof my my mind was clear with an unexpecting aura of of flames rising up from the ground and then circling its way back down with a trail of flickering sparks close behind it. The expression on my face all over froze, like I had just seen a ghost. In a flash it disappeared and I woke up crouched on the floor clutching tight onto the carpet.

I saw a flicker I knew it wasn’t me because I was paralyzed, full of fear. Something in my self conscious told me to turn around, so I did. As I twisted my head I saw a shoe fire at me. “Phewf” that was close.

When I realised who it was, My fear transformed into relief, I realised it was just my Mum (Petra), she stared me down hard for a while, I looked deep down into her eyes, with a faint reflection in her eyes, but what was in it was a masked anonymous man climbing through our window… Wack!

Err, what happened? What’s that sound? I grabbed my senses together and realised it was a saw gleaming right in front of my face. SHINGG!!!! SSHH!!!!

AAHH!! (Heavy Breathing), oh thanks God it was a dream.