A Bad Frame Of Mind

A Bad Frame of Mind
By Isabel Burdick
I stood eyeing my reflection in disgust. I was paralysed with despair at my vision of my bulging waist. I mean, I’m 20.3kg fat and I’m 17 years old!!!!!!!! I fell to the ground, vowing never to let another morsel pass my lips. I closed and locked the bathroom door, and started to cry softly, hoping that no one would hear me. I always thought that crying was a sign of weakness, so I never liked anyone catching me in the act. I felt like spewing when I saw myself in the mirror.
Just then a tiny bird flew through the open window. It was a magnificent animal. It had little, silky, dark blue feathers with black outlines. It had a small (unlike me) white stomach, and, with all these features put together, it was a superb animal. I smiled weakly at the beautiful, small bird.
‘If only I could be are pretty as you, little bird,” I said, half enviously at it. I wished now more than ever, that I was as thin and beautiful as the bird. I know. I must sound crazy. Being envious of a bird must really, really be weird.
Never the less, I felt a small ray of happiness - almost as small as the bird – shine on my depressed life. But that ray of joy soon dissolved when I heard just one sad word. It wasn’t meant unkindly, nor did the owner of the voice mean it so. But I returned to my normal sad state when the one word rang out, “Dinner!”


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