Darkness Incarnate

Darkness creeps through, signalling the end of day
long fingers of shadow claw through the light
Bringing silence, as they have nothing more to say

The reapers gaze,sets upon where you lay
An unholy aura emanates, bringing on the night
As it clouds the mind and leads you astray

As death grows ever closer, darkness in the moons ray
Not letting through the light as it attempts to penetrate the night
Even as the moon glows, darkness shall stay

It creeps inside you, now death you shall portray
fogging the sense, even as you fight
Death is nigh, can you defy it, the answer is neigh

You wake to an unholy sight, believing your eyes to betray
Cold breath filled with decay, filling you with feelings of fright
As you watch on in horror, you begin to prey
That this shadow of evil, taketh not your life tonight


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