A Birthday Wish ...

You know what I want for my birthday? A time machine. Because then I could go back 3 weeks ago and hopefully change my life forever. Sorry, you probably don’t even know what I’m talking about! Here, let’s go back 3 weeks ago…
‘Can you pass me the ketchup love?’ Mum’s new boyfriend asked.
‘Whatever you want my little sausage,’ my mum said passing Brandon the ketchup.
I gagged in my mouth, like seriously, sausage? I glared at mum, finally she said, ‘Holly, what’s wrong” I rolled my eyes; I know what you’re thinking, what kind of 11 year old girl acts like that to their mother? Mum ignored me then turned to my younger brother. ‘How was your day at school, Sam?’ Mum asked.
‘Couldn’t be better,’ Sam my brainiac 8-year-old brother replied.
My mum smiled, ‘How was your day, Holly?’ Mum asked me.
I rolled my big, baby-blue eyes and grunted a response, ‘Why would you care?’ I mumbled.
Mum sighed and then said, ‘Because I am your mother.’
I did a fake smile then said, ‘You’re right mum, you are a mother who doesn’t care about her children.’ Then I tipped my plate on mum’s lap and ran up to my room crying. When I got to my room, I slammed the door and started to cry. I could hear mum crying downstairs as well. After what seemed like ages, mum came up to my room and sat on my lap. Her eyes were red and puffy like mine. She stared at the floor for what seemed like ages, and then I just had to break the silence. ‘I’m so sorry mum, I… ever since the accident, I don’t know what has gotten in to me…’
Mum nodded, ‘I know it has been hard,’ she said putting her skinny arm around me. I leant my head on her hip.
You probably don’t know what I’m talking about. It happened 5 weeks ago, my dad and older sister were in a car accident. They both died. Mum couldn’t control the business because it was too much for her, so next thing you know, mum found Brandon on online dating. I guess I couldn’t say Brandon is mean, to be honest, he is quite nice. Every day he picks up Sam from school, and they play soccer in the backyard together. He is always buying mum presents. Mum got up to leave to let me think. I stared at the picture of Dad and Rachel on my bedside table. I sighed and a sad smile spread across my face. I slowly slipped myself under the covers and tried to go to sleep.
‘Bye, sweetie,’ mum called as I headed outside. I smiled then shut the door, I ran to school.
‘Good morning, Mrs Johnson,’ I said smiling.
Mrs Johnson smiled before saying, ‘Please turn your math’s book to page 85.' I smiled because at school this is where I felt special.


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