Harry Potter How It Should Have Ended

Once upon a time in the grand hall at Hogwarts an epic duel had begun between Harry Potter and Voldemort.
“I’m going to kill you Harry Potter, I’m pointing my wand as hard as I can!” Yelled Voldemort.
“How on earth are you going to do that, you tried to beat me once as a baby and it didn’t work.”
“That was just a simple mistake that I made 17 years ago, but this is the future and I’m going to destroy you!”
“I can’t believe you’re still trying to kill me even though I just came back from the dead. It’s over!”
Suddenly Professor Dumbledore entered the grand hall.
“Mr Voldemort. May I ask you politely to leave the grounds of Hogwarts immediately?”
“Be quiet old man. Avartacadarbra!
Dumbledore was door was dead and Harry Potter was angry. First his face went red, then it went purple, then it went white, then he died. Voldemort thought this was the perfect time to take over Hogwarts, but those thoughts were quickly ended when Professor McGonagall ran through the doors and tackled Voldemort to the ground. When Voldemort hit the ground he hit his head on a stone which knocked him unconscious immediately. Molly Wesley then blew him up. Voldemort was also dead.
After that unpleasant scene Hogwarts was closed and all the students went to other small wizard schools and lived happily ever after.


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