A 12 Year Olds Dream.

"Lynne, I had the strangest dream last night and you were in it, do you want to hear it or not?" "Fine but the bell is going to ring in ten minutes and we better not be late for French." "O.K., here it goes:

I woke up like it was a normal Saturday and went downstairs for breakfast. I sat down at the table to have my bowl of Nesquick cereal when 150 pounds dropped on to my lap from absolutely nowhere. I called my mom through and at first she did not believe me but when she sat down a whole 550 pounds dropped down! This happened to the whole family but dad got 750 pounds and granny got 1050 pounds! Nobody could explain it and going to the police seemed pointless, so we tried to do the sitting down thing again but no money fell for anybody except my four year old sister who sat down the first time (she got 50 pounds). The money was not fake but brand new and crispy.

That day I went to the shop with my mom and bought loads of clothes for myself but when we came back (it was round about 4 o'clock) a brand new 150 dropped into my hands and mum got another 550. When my dad came home from work he got another 750 and granny told us that at 4 o'clock sharp she got 1050 and Monika got another 50 pounds! This kept happening every day, each one of us got a sum of money two times a day and because we didn't spend all of the money in one day, money kept piling up and by the end of the year we already moved into a completely massive house where I had my own tower and had two cars and drivers each! I still went to my old school because I wanted to keep all my friends but because I now owned it, it was twice as good: the seats where very comfy, you had individual dasks and the whole building was being renewed and enlarged with electronic passes between the buildings. You only had to carry your pencil case and there was no homework. The best part was that there was no school uniform and I could wear any of my 5,000,000 outfits! I had my own plane and adventure park where only me, my friends and family where allowed to go. This carried on for the rest of my life and my children's and my sister's children..."

"You said I was in the dream!" "Oh, I must have missed you, let me tell you my dream again." "NO, the bell went five minutes ago and the dream was a little bit boring." "O.K. but you don't know what you're missing, just let me tell you a little part..."