Land Of Spontanity

Long green grass waved through the cold morning breeze. Birds chirped, sitting gently on the Old Oak Trees, in the forgotten forrest, their beautiful tone could be heard from all around the land of Spontanity. This land was know to be guarded by Giant Serpents who protect the land from the gods and goddesses above. Silent moans from the Siren Lake could be heard throughout the lands. Siren Lake was a foggy, pale, green looking lake, vastly spread through the lovely valley. On the edge of Siren Lake a little elf sat, talking to the scaly green Sirens in the pale, green water. The Land of Spontanity was known to be full of life, Sirens, Elves, Phoenixes, Serpents, Pegasus' and much more, except there were no Vampires. They were known to have been killed off one thousand years ago. There was a small green cottage next to Siren Lake. In this cottage, there lived a small, friendly, generous little elf named Finny...

Finny Lived under a towering mountain, with a mysterious, old and broken cathedral. The cathedral was once owned by a vampire who had died many years ago. It was believed to be haunted with the Vampire's dead spirit. Many souls have entered this abandoned place, but never came out. The people of Spontanity, dare not to venture into its darkness, not even a brave Cyclops would enter. Finny on the other hand, went there every day. He enjoyed it, it was peaceful, quiet and he could see the whole of Spontanity. Whenever Finny went to the cathedral, he always felt like he was being watched. Sometimes he could also see dark red glimmering eyes at Siren Lake. Finny was poor and he lived on a farm. He worked everyday in the hot, burning sun. At the end of every day, he would sit down at Siren Lake and talk to the Sirens, they would always cheer him up. Finny was friends with the Sirens. They had once helped him when he almost drowned in the lake. Finny's dream was to become king of Spontanity, the king would get to live in a giant towering castle. The king would get everything he wanted. Although Finny wasn't that fit to be king, Finny was still really good at archery. Whenever Finny competes in events for archery, he always messes things up. He just couldn't stop. It was almost like he had been cursed. When he is at home, he has a very sharp eye. In the forgotten forrest, finny enjoys to shoot arrows at the old oak trees, they seemed to like it. Finny would always gather some glimmering, bright, red apples for the starving oak trees. The Forgotten Forrest is a thick, dark, damp forrest that no soul ever enters.Legend has it, that who dares to set foot in the forrest will come across a thick, pale fog, but when the fog is gone, so is the poor soul. One dull afternoon, Finny was sitting quietly at the abandoned cathedral. One side of the cathedral was dull, dark and covered by a giant grim shadow. His mother had always said not to venture there, but this time Finny was curious. He took one big step into the grim shadow, then, he fell. Down, down, all he could see was darkness. Was this the end...

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