Back In The Dinosaur Age

Once back in the dinosaur age there lived an angry, ravenous dragon. It was gliding above the other immense dinosaurs without a care at all. Suddenly a mystical, shiny portal showed up. The dragon was surprised and he said “where did that come from?”
He went through the mysterious magic portal and it teleported him to an ordinary village. Suddenly the portal shut down. He went to look for a place to live.
“A castle top…that’s perfect!”
So he stayed there. The king found out about this so he had a plan to get rid of him for good. The dragon went down for lunch. He ate twenty people a day, five for breakfast, five for lunch and ten for dinner. The king sent out an army of knights to kill the dragon.
The dragon called some dinosaurs and knights . The dragon and the dinosaur had an epic battle. The knights charged at the dinosaurs. After the dinosaurs and knights were taken out, the royal king and the dragon had a battle.
Unluckily the king died by the red hot flames and the dragon ruled the village.