Ode To Granddad

I wonder why you were taken so suddenly from me
I see you in my dreams every night
I hear your voice in my head
I want to know if your still here
I pretend that your still here even when you’re not
I feel your presence around me
I touch the coat that I bought you before you passed
I remember when you wore it last
‘I’m always proud of you’ were the last words you said
The coat still stands and your words echo in my head
When I touch the thick fibers the memories come flowing back in
I cry every time I think of you
I know we will meet again
I understand it was your time to go
And I want you to know I forgive you so
I wish you could come back to me, so that we can be a family again
I hope that you are happy now being at peace
I want you to know you’re still a very big part of me