Man Of The Future


I am a child
I am all the things of my past
I am the eyes of my father
The sense of my mother
And the help of my brother

I am all I see
Kids riding bikes
Mothers picking berries
Fathers nailing the deck

I am all I hear
The wind blowing leaves of trees
The pattering rain on my roof
The annoying dripping of a tap
And the howl of the wind on a cold and lonely night

I am all I feel
Sand through my toes
Food in my mouth
The basketball in my hands
The football being launched off my foot

I am all I remember
The train rocketing past
The waves crashing by
The rocks skimming across the dam

I am all I have been taught
Left foot, Right foot,
1 + 1 = 2
and beware of the dog

I am all I think
Go hard or go home
Don’t cry, be strong
And Look after yourself

I am all those things
I’m like a boy growing up
A butterfly coming out of a cocoon
A fresh start
For all those things
I am Jarryd Zaal and
I am the man of the future.