Halloween Night

One haunted night there were two girls called Allie and Josie they were going around trick or treating on halloween night! That doesn’t sound bad but it gets worse, Allie and Josie went to one house and tricked them instead treating them. They had ding dong ditched them, this house was no normal house, they had a snake farm! The man came to the door with a snake. He released it to find Allie and Josie, but they froze. The snake hissed and went away. Allie and Josie came out of the bush ‘there’s no sign of the snake,’ whispered Allie but just as she said ‘the,’ the snake came out from a tree. It hissed and Allie screamed, ‘great’ said Josie being sarcastic. The man came outside ‘GET OUT OF HERE’ he yelled. Allie went in to shock. ‘RUN’ Josie yelled ,Allie didn’t move Josie grabbed her and tried to run but she was too heavy Josie screamed again. Allie ran and Josie followed. They ran all the way home, and that day on they never ding dong ditched again.