Falling To My Death

I was falling to my death, I can’t believe I let it come to this. It all started at the very beginning. I was 3 months old and my parents woke me up, I was so scared. Green and blue aliens were shooting orange lasers at me and my parents, my parents put me in a pod and shouted “you are destined for greatness.” Then my pod flew off into orbit, I realized that I would never see m y parents again.my pod crash, it crashed with splash, I was in the sea floating away when I stopped, the door to the pod opened, a lovely couple peered in, it was all going really well, they raised me like their own, any way I had just turned thirteen what could happen…
Two days after my birthday. A bang came from the door then another bang but harder this time I opened, the door coshes of what was behind it, as the door creaked open bright blue light glowed from behind the door I realised, “I know that light anywhere Mum, Dad.” I said with amazement. They pushed the door open slamming it behind them. “We have a lot to talk about.” They exclaimed “You might but I don’t.” I replied “we did what we had to do to keep you alive.” “Then why didn’t you come with me.” I answered “we wanted to but sensor Trojan said otherwise so we couldn’t.” “I still don’t forgive you.” “ okay don’t forgive us just trust us and listen, the enemy followed us here and they broke the time portal so we can’t get back and they are stuck here forever so we need to close the time hole!” they asked “I have an idea.’ I said with excitement.
So the day of the amazing plan begun and everything was in place, it was about 3:00am and the portal was still open so we needed to act fast, me and my parents had stayed up all night weaving gigantic cork to plug the hole so with my parents we ran and ran as fast as we could and we plugged the enemy got stuck back into the hole and my adopted parents thought I was a hero, but the truth is knowing to truth isn’t always the, so now I have a story to tell about me falling to my death but not in the way you might have thought so if you have a story to tell. TELL!


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