Lagoona – My Mermaid Friend

I was once swimming in the sea when I saw a fin, I jumped up onto a rock as I thought it was a shark. A head poked up out of the waves it was a mermaid. I jumped back into the water to where the mermaid was she was caught in a fisherman’s net. I started by untangling her tail and then I asked her what her name was… her name was Lagoona.
She wore a bracelet with pearls and a crown on top of her beautiful hair. Her hair was blonde with little pink tips her crown sparkled like diamonds. I asked her if she had any friends, at first she was a little shy to answer. She finally answered with her soft voice saying she only had two mermaid friends, their names are Lili and Bethany.
Lily is the oldest and Bethany is only eight sea years old. We always swim together and have a lovely time because we play with the dolphins, our favourite game is swim and seek, the dolphins always win she said. My friends have moved to colder waters so now I am alone. “Can I be your friend?” I asked Lagoona.
Lagoona gave me a necklace to wear which would help me swim in the sea and let me breathe. She also gave me a special tail to wear – it was pink with white spots that looked like shells. It was hard to swim at first and keep up with Lagoona but I eventually got used to it. She showed me to her sea palace home, it had a large shell hanging in front of the door it was pretty and had special diamonds decorating the door handle.
We played with the dolphins, the game was very fast and the dolphins were sneaky as they came up behind us and bumped us off the rocks. We swam and swam until they could not catch up to us. We were smaller then the dolphins so we could hide in the sand holes where we nearly got pinched by a sea crab, we giggled and swam out of the hole. It was lunchtime, all this swimming had made us hungry. We went to the Tuna Café and had seaweed sandwiches. After lunch, I had to go home before my family got worried. I had a lovely time with Lagoona, I promised her that I would visit her again. I went back to shore and my family were having lunch. They could not believe that I was not hungry after all that swimming because I had already had lunch with a secret friend in the sea – Lagoona. She will always be my special friend and I cannot wait until we come back to the sea so we can play again. The end

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