Malcolm Bill's Texting Mill

’Twas Malcolm Bill from Eaglehawk who caught the media craze,
He turned away the outdoor fun which served him many days.
He dressed his phone in bits and bobs resplendent to be seen,
Then hurried to his room just to retweet on his machine.
“See here young man,” said Mulga Bill, “I am your father now,”
“You’re spending too much time in there, now this I won’t allow!”
“You might be able to one day find your chiefest sole delight,”
“But you won’t be able to find that gift if you’re in here all day and all night!”
“Most kids these days turn into this, a zombie for technology!”
“They all could be helping us adults by building the economy!”
‘Twas Malcolm Bill from Eaglehawk who left his small abode,
Just to eat dinner when his mind was still in texting mode.
Yet Malcolm Bill was sitting there, taking in his father’s words,
He put his phone down and looked out at the hummingbirds.
“It’s safe at rest on my bedside table, I’ll leave it lying still,”
“I’ll play outdoors for a while now, I’ll make good use of my free will.”