Sacrifices To Be Made

"Eeny Meeny Miny Moe," the options lay before me.
"Catch a tiger by the toe,"what difference does it truly make.
Any I choose, have a consequence I foresee.
The affected, the pleased and the unknown, what does it really take?
To save a strangers life, to help a friends future.
Which will I live with? Who will take the fall.
They look to me for guidance, a tutor.
I know nothing, it's a world that I saw.
My family, my lover, my friends, who should I choose.
So many problems, with so little time.
My career, my hobbies, my life, which will I lose.
Sacrifice another, or sacrifice mine?
We all have sacrifices to be made.
It affects your family, your lover, your friends, it's true.
I can not hold all, within my arms they fade.
Lose one, gain another, it affects everyone, mostly you.