Rainbow Beach

I can see little children on boogie boards going down sand dunes like going down mountains,
I can see sand dunes in the distance like a flowerbed faraway,
The ocean is coming at me like a flowing fountain,
I can see sandcastles in the distance like someone is taking them away.
I can feel sand in my togs, toes and fingers like sandpaper that glows,
I can feel sea-lice nibbling my armpits like my brother is pinching me,
Sand tickling my toes like a feather brushing past my nose,
Happy and glad that I am having fun like climbing the tallest tree.
I can hear waves rushing to shore quickly like a tap running out of water,
I can hear kids having a ball like having a shopping spree,
Kids screaming like they are getting shorter,
I can hear waves crashing as they get bigger, like a storm far out at sea.


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