Finalist in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

Adventure in thought, signed up for war
Young men, they lie, to search for more
Sent off with friends on board a ship
Parents saying goodbye as teary eyes drip
Made it to land, got out their guns
Hurricanes of bullets as everyone runs
Ascending the shoreline, goals set to the hill
They gave it their all, as men showed no thrill
They tried to get past the Dardanelle Strait
But with spotlights and minefields, doom was to await
The AE2 submarine went well for a while
But sadly didn’t make it and sunk down a mile
They were not successful and had to retreat
They showed all their bravery but fell to their feet
They’re known as the ANZAC’s, still serves us today
And we remember their courage in the Gallipoli Bay

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