Our Mother

Finalist in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

I grow tired and weary from what’s become of me
I try to tell you patiently but still you cannot see
Violated and disrespected, I am but little cared for
Taken for granted, you seem to not care anymore
Millions upon millions of waste on my fertile skin
Are you so blind to not see how this is a sin?
I who harvests life, value you upon all treasures
But all that you seek are your poisonous desires
When I try to reach out, I flood your villages
When I try to speak, I send everything flying
All this destruction for special privileges
Can you honestly not see that I am dying?
My one request is to preserve and use me wisely
Be grateful to have me and do not act blindly
I am limited and also not immortal
Once you lose me, it’ll be a tearful


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