The Aliens

Finalist in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

It was a fine and peaceful day when they attacked. It was a nightmare. Blood curdling screams filled the air. The streets were painted with blood. A Yellow Plague was flooding people’s homes drowning the inhabitants inside. But it was just the beginning…
After a few hours of the yellow hoard bombarding the streets of Downtown Brisbane, it all stopped. Then people cheered; however, James Owen thought otherwise. He knew that they would regroup and plan for their best chance at wiping humans out. James then kept on shouting for people to follow him to his safe house. Few followed, only the stupidest stayed. There was then a massive ear-splitting noise that came into play. Several voices were heard but were then silenced by a quick, sharp blow. James had to decide whether to hide everyone in his bunker and hope nothing finds them or maybe get them to his private airstrip and evacuate elsewhere to a more secure place. He thought to himself that they should stay here and that they’d have no chance outside. He then told his guests to make themselves comfy because it’s going to be a long time.
After a tedious time James realised a soft, repetitive, banging sound outside and decided he would take a look. He then peeked around the corner of the wall and saw small, little, yellow and alien like creatures and went back inside. James is wise, yet he is clumsy, he steps on a small chilli flavoured chip packet and heard the aliens quarrelling amongst themselves in a spooky Alien tone. He then carefully shuts the door behind him getting his automatic at the ready. Everything seems all good until they see yellow, thick mist. “Cover your mouths,” our hero says. After most of them did this someone points out a random man choking and coughing out yellow goo. The man then turns on his back and starts screaming, and was quickly silenced. Slowly, the mist started fading away. There were no questions asked and everyone swiftly followed James to his private airstrip downtown.
Surprisingly there were no enemies in sight, but James thought it a bit suspicious. He said they would quickly be overwhelmed by the blue creatures soon if they don’t hurry to his airport. They then heard a noise and no one said a word, they all sprinted the remaining distance and just made it, just before a big yellow creature appeared a fair distance away. The survivors all got in his Ac 130 and Owen swiftly started the engine and they took off. Leaving the creature behind.
Then completely out of nowhere, a sound struck the passenger's eyes. There was turbulence and they all started tumbling to the ground. James then quickly got out of his state and yelled at everyone else to ‘Man the machine guns’. In confusion, James Owen pulled at the joystick. There was then a sound demanding more coins and Owen Mitchell got off the arcade game and went outside.

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