Finalist in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

Everyone says that life should be what you want it to be. What you make it, what you create.
But what if you didn’t create it?
What if all that we know (or so we think) is just a puppet show? Just a dramatic and conflicted piece of our lives put on T.V. for others amusement?
So if there is a whole other universe that is in control of our lives, how can we truthfully say that the unexpected has happened to us? We can’t. Because it was all planned by some television producer in some unknown universe that could be anywhere in the unexplored. And there is a whole lot of the unexplored just waiting to be explored.
So your first kiss? That was planned by the puppet master.
When you failed that math test? Puppet master.
Lost your job? You guessed it! The puppet master.
Because the unexpected isn’t the unexpected. It’s just the puppet masters plan of amusement.
So every time you have one of those days where you wish that everyone would go away, and your life is falling apart at the seams, just know that this is all a part of someone’s grand plan. And you will get a happy ending.
I promise.
Because the audience always wants a happy ending. Where the bad guy gets locked up, the nerdy boy gets the girl and the princess gets saved.
So next time you go to Kmart, wave at the camera and say thank you to the puppet master, even if people give you those OH—MY—GOD—SHE—MUST—BE— COMPLETELY INSANE looks. Because the Puppet Master is actually doing you a favour. If life was actually the unexpected then what we think of as our worst nightmare would actually be a lot worse.
Lots of Love,
The Puppet Masters Assistant


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