Perspective Of A Cheese Burger

Finalist in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

"Ouch!" I exclaimed, as I had been tipped into some sort of cage and been cooked in a deep-fryer for so so long. Suddenly I had been put on another tray and then into some sort of box. Oh I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Cheesy. Well... suddenly the shopkeeper of McDonald's shouted, “Order number 183 is ready, can 183 customer come to the desk to collect your delicious cheese burger.”
I was very confused. Soon a little boy with frizzy, black hair and a dirty face picked me up and exclaimed, “This cheese burger looks delicious!”
In a flash, the little frizzy haired boy started squishing me, looking at me and sniffing me. YUCK!! Suddenly, he took a huge bite out of my body. Unfortunately, he started munching on me. MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH.
Suddenly, I realised I was sliding down a long, dark tunnel. That was a thing called the esophagus. To me I thought it was a slippery slide, but it was not fun at all!
Suddenly, I started going through something like a stomach. It was all yucky and had acid everywhere. It was disgusting. Soon I passed through something called the intestine. That is where your food comes out! That was where I was going to die. “AAAAAAAAAH!” I exclaimed. “I’m too young to die!” I exclaimed again.
At that moment, I saw a ball of light. I was sliding down closer and closer to it. Then I pooped out and PLOP!! I landed in water and almost drowned.
One minute had past and the little boy remarked, “Mummy, I think I pooped my cheese burger out.” That was the last thing I heard and then all I saw was LIGHT FADING AWAY INTO DARKNESS...

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