Excellence Award in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

Mondays were always the worst. School is gruelling and the students are usually way too rowdy for people who are forced to awaken by 6am if not earlier. I, as a teacher, am forced to wake up at 4am or even pull all- nighters. The work load is excessive and the top students always seem to push for their marks as soon as the exam is over. I’ve been told it’s so they can brag to their friends; “Just finished the exam and aced it, my teacher said so.”
I was the type of person who hated school as a child. In a way I still sort of do, and for the same reasons; the people. I’m not exactly a people person let alone a social one. Being a teacher may seem like an ironic career path to undergo especially since you have to socialize with practically the entire school each and every day, but alas, teaching was my passion and I was lucky enough to land one of the teaching positions at Weismann High.
It was a catholic school and if that didn’t make it clear, it was also a private own. That just basically meant that a large quantity of the kids that went there were stuck up, rich brats. I know it’s wrong to label them in such a judging society but it is better that they learn the hardships in life now rather than later. I’m doing them all a favour.
Any who, back to the topic; Monday. Each Monday at this dreaded school has been one to remember and not in the most positive ways. The most devastating one that I’ve personally experienced was when they found a student named Miles. The staff were informed that he had fell from the top balcony of the school during lunch. The following weeks after this event sparked a widespread of rumours that he hadn’t actually fell but instead jumped.
I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case considering he was a pretty, er, special kid. That’s just my nice way of saying that he was different and as seen in movies and in everyday life, the different ones always get bullied. The kids here were vicious, hell I’d be lying if I said I never wanted to do something drastic due to them.
That took a pretty depressing turn didn’t it? Ah, I have a habit of bringing the fun in funeral. Get it? No..? ANYWAY

So yes, Monday’s were a drag. It marked a day of death, despair and torture. If I survive the end of this year I may just have to transfer to another school in hopes of preserving my sanity. After all, who really enjoys working someone where you teach the dead of how to appear normal? I definitely did at one point but only to be closer to my son.