Cougers Vs Wolves

Finalist in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

I’m ready to pounce, my younger sister Luna is looking for me. Her ears twitch, she heard me, I pounce but she jumps out of the way. “Faith, don’t play like this” Luna says as she bounds away.
She ducks under a log, I jump and land in front of her. “Ha! You’ll never defeat the greatest Alpha!” I say pinning her down.
Luna shrugs me off and runs back closer into our territory. Once she’s gone, I see something flying out of the corner of my eye, Ranger!
I jump out of the way and he flies straight into a tree. “OUCH!” he exclaims, struggling.
He finally gets out. “What are you doing pinning your sister down?” he asks.
“Practicing hunting,” I explain. “What are you doing flying like a bird?”
“Oh you know playing with my Omega friends,” he says, waving his paw.
“Well I’d better go do some actual hunting,” I reply walking away, “bye.” I leap over a rock.
I walk for a long time to get back into our territory and grab four other wolves; Destiny, Dawn, Thunder and Lucky. We walk to the cliff rocks and jump down. Here the air smells fresh and flowers bloom. I slide along the ground as I see caribou. Destiny pokes her head up and spots some cougars. “Guys, cougars!” She says with a low growl.
“They’re going to ruin the hunt,” Thunder snarls pulling back his lips.
I scrunch up my nose, ready to pounce. As soon as I move my paw, two cougars pounce and chase the caribou away. A growl rumbles in my chest. “CHASE THEM!!” I howl.
We run. But then the cougars turn back and run away. “RETREAT!” I howl and all seven of us bound closer into our territory to tell the Great Alpha, Storm. Storm seems surprised at first, then he makes up his mind of what we’ll do. “I’ll get the pack together, thank you for telling me Faith.” He padded to the edge of a cliff and howls, “All wolves, gather here today, for I have an announcement! Cougars have been hunting in our territory we must fight them! Omega’s will stay and look after the
territory, all Alpha’s follow me!” calls Storm upon the edge of the cliff.
We run to the Grassy Hollow and of course the cougars are there. We chase the caribou and the cougars run off.
After a while they come back with their whole clan. “ATTACK!!” howls Storm. I run to a cougar twice the size of me, he jumps at me, I duck and scratch his belly. He falls to the ground yowling. I fight off four other cougars and bite the muzzle of one, second one I scratched his side, third, I trip and he falls on a rock. The last, you don’t want to know...
We eventually won the fight and the cougars promised on their code, that they would never, ever hunt in our territory again.

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