Kate Saves Christmas

In a land far away, a girl named Kate was getting ready for Christmas. She was putting up Christmas lights when the phone rang. It was Santa. Kate was so excited, but Santa had some bad news. The reindeers crashed and the sleigh was broken. Santa needed Kate's help to fix his sleigh.
Kate got ready then she set out to help Santa. Kate was getting closer and closer when a big wind came and blew away her stuff. Finally, Kate found her stuff and then she kept moving. The storm got worse by the minute. Kate was as cold as ice block.
Suddenly, Kate heard a sound. It was Santa’s reindeer. “Where is Santa?” said Kate. A reindeer took Kate to Santa.
A day later, the sleigh was fixed and Santa gave Kate a ride home.
That night while Kate was asleep Santa put a special gift under her pillow.
In the morning, Kate opened the present and to her surprise, it was a snow globe. Every time she shook it, it said “thank you for fixing my sleigh.”
Kate had the best Christmas ever and that’s how Kate saved Christmas. The end
Ho Ho Ho



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