The blank canvas suddenly swirling,
Suddenly inspired, suddenly seduced,
By the intricate layers of
The artist and the muse.
The silent sound of song shatters into madness,
Shatters into obsession, shatters from lingering,
Harp strings tampered lightly, calling for the salvation of
A fellow musician and the audience.
The body stands rigid then moves gracefully,
Moves systematically, moves entrancingly,
Exhibiting the professionalism of
The choreographer and the dancer.
The little people speak wisely,
Speak fondly, speak devotedly,
Emotion's character is the composition of
The animator and the actress.
The pages formerly empty bursting with words,
Filled with expression, filled with passionate articulation,
Exploring within the mind of
The author and the reader.
Love is nothing
Until there is a desire to make it something.