Laboratory Chills

As I opened my eyes I felt a grinding chill go down my spine.The lights in the sky where not as they seemed,they had a scary death defying feeling. I was not in my bedroom i was in a Laboratory."Err" as i heard the door open "click click click" as a man came out from behind the door. I see on a table near by that a blade is there on the table "I can cut my self free" I thought " you'r wasting your time" said the man with a chilling American voice that sounds very deep "do you know why you are in this laboratory." a chill went down my spine.

"You have a gift, a gift like no other your not smart, athletic but you are the one i have been looking for you can tell people what to do with your mind so that is why I need to kill you." I struggle to get up I move my arms I constantly move but I'm trapped "why are you doing this to me" I yell no fear in my voice. Then i think " I have a special power I can make him untie me" I do so he unties me with no hesitation. Past the doors i burst he starts coming after me. Through the front doors i burst still running past the silver shiny gate. I stopped in amazement. I survived.

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