Natural Girls

3rd in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

We want to feel comfortable in our skin,
Why can't we see ourselves as perfectly thin?
Our objective as women is to make ourselves pretty,
But self-consciousness thrives and the result is a pity.
It's not a syndrome nor is it a condition,
We don't realise we're special and a limited edition.
Stuffing our bras with rolls of paper towel,
Starving ourselves while our aching stomachs growl.
Plucking our eyebrows and applying makeup,
We're only covering the truth and it's time to wake up.
Yearning to be 'skinny' and painting our nails,
Exercising until we drop and checking the scales.
This poor self-perception causing women strife,
Becoming desperate enough and going under the knife.
Swimming in false idols will only make you drown,
So own your gorgeous body and wear your gilded crown.

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