Netball Camp

Netball camp was on the 20-21st of February 2016.We did many games on camp such as an obstacolour run and swimming. We are known as the Tailem Bend Eagles. We did many netball skills such as defending rules and practising our pivoting and our stepping. We slept in the school gym. It was really loud because we were on the highway the trucks and trains are REALLY noisy when you are trying to sleep.
We watched Pitch Perfect 2 before we went to bed at 10:30pm. We played in the gym before the movie. We had a BBQ tea on Saturday night, Lunch was salad and meat, Breakfast was toast and juice and desert was doughnuts and hot chocolate. We had butter popcorn with the movie.
We had to get up at 7:00am on Sunday so we had time to pack up and be ready to go home at 10:30am. On Sunday we played in the gym before we went home. We played golden child with a group of 5 people. On Saturday we played 2 games of netball at the courts. One of my favourite activities was the colour run. We got covered in food dye of many colours. My favourite colour on my colour run shirt is the blue and green mixed together.