The Follower

2nd in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

I was walking under the crescent shaped moon alongside the diamond blue ocean. Suddenly what seemed to be a small tsunami pounded the concrete barrier to ruins. The wind increased and the crispy water became a monstrous creature.
It followed me, I never knew my legs could run this far without collapsing. I could feel the dead souls besieging my heart. I sprinted and sprinted, until I was cornered. Was my life worth living?
"Think, brain, think!” I thought furiously to myself. I happened to run straight into a garbage can. I hid there for about two minutes, then I felt weightlessness, was I flying?
A cold sensation wiped over me. I could taste crisp water in my lungs drowning me. I felt myself falling faster and faster.
I felt a sharp pain hit me. I felt myself plummeting into the darkness. When I felt light take over me yet again, finally I was awoken in my house, now a ruin.
I heard a voice say to me, “A typhoon hit, we found you on the streets in a garbage bin.” But no-one died. I knew I had felt souls dying. Why, when and how?

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