Jack The Ripper

I walk in the shadows
Alone, brave and careless
Nothing to fear
But when I see a daft human soul
I pull out my sword and march forward and devour
Hands in blood my deed is done
I run leaving nothing but a solid pile of blood
Person after soul I continue more and more
I live in the old mine it's cold and covered in blood
No one shall know I'm the one killing soul
I haunt you I will MURDER you
Back I go on another walk I see another glow
I pounce at them wearing my mask
Stab him in the back unaware of the police and the queens guards
I get knocked down, off to jail I go but for all they know
I escape their grip, run free moving through countries and sea to sea
Be careful where you walk or it could be your last
I'm Jack the Ripper no one shall last


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