Land Of Dreams

What am I? A question I ask, an answer never to be told.
Where am I? A place so dry, so hot with the beaming bright sun so high in the sky.
Why am I here? Another question I sigh so many questions I spy.
So many questions float above my head no one to answer them so I reply instead.
Out here all alone I do what I please for no ones to stop me i run around with glee!
No questions to be asked no questions to be answered no one can stop me being happy, never stop my laughter.
With a flash of light I land in a place so long forgotten a place of marshmellows made of cotton.
I bounce around without a scratch suddenly I find a secret marshmallow hatch.
My next adventure is too long to describe I fly through a window out into the open blue sky.
Flying up so, so high I fly over the jungle soaring through the sky I find a secret hatch and in I fly!
I enter a place with lush green grass and a bright blue sky "time to wake up!" father cries.
A flash of light a moan and a groan I crack my eyes open and spy my little old bedroom where I live a normal life at home.
I get ready for school no time to moan.
I sit down and have breakfast at home all alone.
I hop on the bus to school we go.
I get of the bus without being told
Finally the bell goes kids run around and play, I just sit down and let my mind drift far, far away to my land of dreams where I stay!

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