Fall Hard

Fall Hard

Russian Army Base 2020

'Move move move!' screamed the patrolling officer 'this is your time to shine'. There was a phenomenal sized meltdown at the american nuclear facility. It had overheated and was about to react to the heat and explode causing a wave of radiation that was sure to wipe out life as we know it so the Russian special ops units were sent to control it but surely they would fail.

Vancouver, Canada

Jack was a normal. Well. Paranormal boy with a special ability he was born with an extra lobe in his brain giving him the ability Telekinesis and the abilities to create force fields and no one knew of this of course and the great thing is he's always unlocking new abilities.

American Nuclear Facility

"It isn't working'' screamed one of the special ops soldiers ''its too strong''
''commander'' one of the SWAT team members ''Ive found a force strong enough to contain the explosion its..... A human he lives in Vancouver'' ''Find him'' screamed the commando ''and bring him to me!''

Vancouver, Canada.

Jack was at school: maths class when the black ops swung through the window ''Jack Preston ?'' ''yes'' ''You're coming with us''. As soon as they left the building Jack used his telekinesis to propel them into the air, they opened fire, Jack shielded himself with a forcefield the bullets bounced off ''what do you want with me'' Jack exclaimed ''we need you to stop a global disaster'' Said one of the black ops.

''Where's that child'' Yelled the commanding officer ''he was supposed to be here an hour ago as soon as he had said that the door went flying off its hinges and flew to the other side of the room, Jack emerged with two sore and battered special ops troops behind him ''what's the problem'' Jack asked casually ''There is a phenomenal sized meltdown at the american nuclear facility it's gonna blow''

''What can I do'' exclaimed Jack ''use your force field to contain the explosion''. Jack did as he was asked ''how long'' he questioned ''about 2-3''BOOOM the entire station exploded destroying all of humanity.

Moral: Stories do not always have happy endings .
But still take them seriously