Larry's Adventure In Harry Top Hill

Larry is the cheekiest little dinosaur in all of the world, his skin is lime green with sea blue polka dots. Just the other week Larry visited Harry Top hill, which is between two volcanoes. Larry went on a hike with the local scouts to climb the volcano, Mondu Hai. Larry bent over to take a photo of the inside of the volcano when one of the scouts yelled at Larry "hey, be careful or you'll fall."
Larry couldn't hear him and toppled over the edge, luckily he landed on a rock about 11 feet from the lava. "Few" Larry said relieved, but all of a sudden the volcano was about to erupt. Fortunately John one of the scouts had a rope and Larry climbed out, just in time as they had made it to safety the started to erupt. They had to get to a better shelter. THE END.

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