Hanging Around

So there I was, falling, down the side of a cliff. Who knows how fast I was traveling? I look down. I see two things approaching. One was a crash land mat; the other was a tree branch. Suddenly, I hear a loud rip. Dang it. That was my parachute. It got torn on the stupid branch. Well, at least that’s that out of the way, but now I’m falling at high speed trying to land on the softest bit of the crash mat.
I land safely, although now I owe mum $27 for the parachute. I also need a new skydiving spot, now I know about that stupid tree branch.
“Where’s your parachute?” my mum asked me.
“It got torn on a tree branch,” I mumbled miserably.
“Don’t worry. It’s what happens when you pull the cord too late,” my mother said grumpily. Wow. That was not the response I was expecting.
“Do you really mean it?”
“Yes. I was skydiving since I was a little girl and I suffered that problem many times.”
“But what I’m trying to say is do I have to pay for the parachute?”
The next day, I stood once again in the freefall plane, circling my new skydiving point. I don’t think I have ever explained the freefall plane to you before. It has the odd jet engine and stuff like that in a normal plane but what’s unique about this plane is that there is a relatively strong vacuum that comes out when you open the jump door. The pilot then asks you if you’re ready, so he can’t activate the vacuum before you get your parachute on or something. The vacuum then sucks you right out of the plane, although the vacuum isn’t strong enough to suck you right into it, so you just start falling to the ground.
With the door open and my parachute on my back, I was ready to go.
“You ready Jackson?” the pilot asked.
“I Sure am,” I reply.
Foomp! There I go. Freefalling once again. And I have got to remember not to pull the cord too late this time, “WHOA HA HA HA!” I scream to myself, “THIS IS AWESOME!”
All I can say is that people could probably hear me from California.
I’m looking all around for any dangers, since I have just pulled the ripcord for my parachute. And suddenly I see one. A tree branch. Of course it is. It’s always the tree branch. And that’s a real worry, since I am falling really slowly now.
And so there I was. Hanging around on a tree branch. No sign of getting down. Well, of course there isn’t. No, wait. Hold on. My awesome mum remembered to pack scissors for me. Good old mum. Now I just have to wait for people to come around with a crash land mat and I can cut the ropes of my parachute. Safety’s is just a snip away. Phew!


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