She Looked Up

Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

Amelia always knew something was different. The world on the television was so polished... Perfect. She knew her mum would say 'Nothing's Perfect'. She felt so alone. She began to think that staring at a wall was better. More entertaining then the fake lives people lived. She didn't understand how people were so perplexed with plastic. She would walk down the street with her mum and look in the windows at the barbie dolls. She was so confused. This world was built on an empire of plastic and idolising. She wanted to shake her mum and scream 'WAKE UP LOOK AROUND!'. She would wait until late at night sometimes. She would look up. She would look at the stars. The only real thing. But on one particular night something was in the sky. What was it? She reached out to it, knowing it wouldn't come down to her. But something made her feel like it was there for her. She outstretched her fingers, it started coming down from the sky. She clenched her fist. It was coming closer, faster. It was above her head. It was a light. It kind of looked like a star, but in her hands. She was confused. "Hello?" She muttered in a daze. It moved closer to her face, illuminating her small features. It collapsed on the the ground beneath her. She looked inside the remnants of it. A small note reading 'Hello'. She looked closer at the plastic casing of it. Yet another fake thing. Yet another lie. Yet another excuse.

The alien boy sat watching this girl. He had sent her a plastic casing with a letter in it. He wasn't plastic, he was like her. She began walking inside. This was his only hope. He began screaming. He needed her to respond. As she shut the door he fell in to the oblivion. He wasn't plastic. He needed help, she was his only chance. She had given up, like him.

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