Need To Stop Charlie Biting My Finger

One day there was a kid called Charlie he kept on biting people’s finger. Since the day he was born he was vicious, the second he was born he bit the doctor's finger. His Parents were scared about living with Charlie. They definitely needed to to find a resolution or he would bite their fingers as well. They tried to sell Charlie for free. But no one wanted him because he was to vicious. Then they decided there was no point trying to sell him because no one would want him. Then they actually tried to cure him but their neighbours said why would you want to waste money on Charlie. But one neighbour said there is a cure but you have to pay $1000000 dollars. The neighbour also said “the only reason it’s this much money is there's only one medicine in the universe for biting a finger.

The parents thought if they wanted to spend this much money on Charlie and they thought and thought and they finally made a decision that they weren’t gonna spend this much money on Charlie. All the neighbours made a party for Charlie’s parents for making the right decision there was beer, cake, lollies. ice cream and chocolate pudding. Every one gave them money they were so happy that they made the right decision. But then they asked the neighbors what they should do about Charlie. The neighbours replied “Just chuck him in the garbage but Charlie’s parents thought it isn’t the right decision to chuck Charlie in the dump.So they eneded up not chucking Charlie in the dump.

Charlie’s parent continued the search for the cure, when they said they were going to keep searching the neighbour were disappointed. Just when they started searching they heard a big news on tv and when I say really big news I mean enormous news and the news was a scientist/dentist found a cure for people who bite fingers . There was this person called Nithin and he also found a cure for people who had hand biting problem. He’s name was Nithin

The cure only cost 100 dollars but Charlie’s parent’s remembered that they were poor but they also remembered that all the neighbours gave them money they counted up the money and it was a total of $99.95 they had 5 cents so they rushed to Nithin there was also another family there they both talked and said the slowest runner wins and Charlie lost miserably so Charlie got the cure Charlie’s parents said” to cure Chalie it would be risky because he was vicious” but Nithin didn’t care and he took care of Charlie. Nithin said “that the cure would take 1 year” so after one year Charlie had been cured and he wasn’t vicious anymore. They had a party because Charlie was cured. The neighbour’s said “sorry for not believing in you Charlie” It was the best party ever