Dear Diary

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition


Dear Diary

Dear diary,
Today I had woken up at 4:49 in the morning and I was so tired! I waited two hours for someone to wake up and my mum woke up at 6:00 so I went outside to see her. I had breakfast and got dressed and did all that stuff.

I got to school and waited in the middle school precinct with my friends and we talked on and on. Then the bell rang so we lined up and waited for our teacher. Surprisingly we had had a relief teacher called Bianca but she said we could call her Queen B or B. She was a very nice teacher.
First period we did maths and then we did a grammar test. Then we went to the Emmaus hall for a quick game before play and finished it later in the day. We had recess and I had some fruit to eat and then I played handball with my friends Hannah, Isabella, Alyssandra and Joley.

Recess ended and we went to assembly and I didn’t get any awards but it didn’t matter. When we got back to class we did health and after that session was when we finished the game. After the game it was second recess where I ate my chicken wrap. It was delicious! Then Joley got some garlic bread and split it with us all. We played handball again and I was in king most of the time which was fun.Then recess ended again and we came into class to do a persuasive text and demand writing. The persuasive text was about why days of school should be longer and only four days a week and the demand writing was about anything we wanted for this competition.

It was home time after that and Mum was there for me straight away. After school I had to go straight to my swimming training and my sister, Jorja, went as well. After swimming I had to go to my sisters netball game where her team is still being graded and I wasn’t watching so I didn’t know if she won or not. She played at 7:00 at night and then we went home.There was a lot of traffic! When we got home we had dinner. We had chicken nuggets for dinner and it was yummy. After that I got dressed into my PJ’s and I was very tired so mum came in gave me a kiss good night. I didn’t fall asleep straight away but I did fall asleep. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and went into mum and dad's room to sleep with my mum to fall back to sleep and it was pouring down rain but eventually I went to sleep and had a lovely day and night.
I did everything all over again and had another excellent day and, Kim, my normal teacher was back today, we had lots of fun.


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