I Got You!

“THWACK” ”Timber!” John yelled as the 12ft oak came thundering down. He ran like a bullet to get out of the way, but he couldn’t make it in time. Diving out of the way, he managed to avoid it by a whisker, barrel rolling to get out of the way.
Strolling back to his old wood cabin, swinging his axe from side to side. The door creaked as it opened and light streamed in illuminating the single chair. Propping his axe next to the door he dumped the wood on the fire and went to collect his matches.
John’s hands enclosed the matches. “Swish” the match was on fire and in seconds the logs were crackling and hissing, then “Boof” the logs were on fire. Opening the cupboard he pulled out a tin of beans and poured them into a pot. Lodging the pot over the fire, waiting and staring out of his only window feeling as lonely as ever.
Sitting at the table John was eating his beans continuing to stare outside when suddenly he heard a noise; a voice actually. At first he didn’t worry, he thought it might just be an animal or the wind considering he lived in the woods. But when he heard it again he started to get worried. He had no one to call as he didn’t have a phone…
“I got you where I want you, now I’m going to eat you!” The voice said. John went to investigate. He found where the noise was coming from but didn’t know how. There was a moose head on the wall directly above. The moose’s head was on a wooden trophy board and the mouth was closed, just like on that fateful day.
”I got you where I want you, now I’m going to eat you!” Once again John heard the voice. He investigated further. He looked at the moose head once again but this time the mouth was open. He went to close the mouth but it bit him and beeped. A door shape opened in the wall. John walked through. Immediately he fell down a long, deep and dark hole. More like a pit or tunnel. When he hit the bottom, he hit it hard. John thought it was a trap.
He heard the voice again. There was a tall and skinny cupboard at the end of the tunnel. The door slid open. With an eerie feeling John stepped forward brandishing his axe. He looked through the open doorway. He saw nothing. Opening the other door he was horrified by what he saw…
A little boy about 5 or 6 was crouched in the corner saying “I got you where I want you, now I’m going to eat you!” To his boogers.