Don't Mess With My Choo's

Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

I slam my locker shut creating a loud echo throughout the hallways of Clementon High School. I turn around and see Becca my bestie. She waddles over to me in her new black and white Jimmy Choo shoes.
“Where did you get those from?” I say amazed, looking down at her feet.
“Well… you remember my mums forth husband Gary?”
“Yeah the one that gave you money to go spend at the milk bar up the road every Friday”
“Yeah that one. He gave them to me for my sixteenth birthday”
“But your sixteenth birthday was 3 months ago”
“He got the date right, but I can’t say that he got the right month.”
All of a sudden the hallway goes silent, Becca and I exchange looks. All you can here is a clunk every couple of seconds. I peer out into the hallway and see Mackenzie and her 2 best friends Maddie and Molly marching towards us. They all wore their hair out flowing past there shoulders, their heels were so high they appeared almost double the size of me. Their faces were covered in makeup, they carried a clutch that was so loaded with money it looked like the zip was about to burst.
I could get anyone in the school to have a locker next to me but of course I got Mackenzie. Mackenzie struts over to her locker and gives me and Becca a smirk.
Mackenzie is wearing a white dress with a pearl necklace dangling from her neck and then I look down and my heart sinks down into my stomach. Mackenzie is wearing the EXACT same black and white Jimmy Choo shoes as Becca!
Mackenzie applied a fresh coat of lip gloss and pressed her lips together to seal the coat. She then turned to Becca whipping me with her blonde hair.
“Hi Bec where did you get those lovely shoes from?”
Becca just stood there like a dear in headlights.
“Um, it was a birthday present” Becca says quietly.
“Well listen up Becca, if you don’t take those shoes off right now there will be consequences” Mackenzie laughs.
“No” Becca says proudly.
“I will not take these shoes off my feet. You know what, why don’t you take your shoes off Mackenzie?”
Everyone looks over at Becca with their mouths wide open. Mackenzie opens her mouth to say a mean comeback but Becca interrupts her,
“Mackenzie everyone in this school has always been afraid to stand up to you and tell you the truth about how mean and rude you really are, so I am going to take one for the team and tell you the real truth.”
“You don’t have to have a perfect body to be pretty, you don’t have to be mean to people to be cool, and you don’t have to have buckets full of money to be rich. But what really matters is that you have a good heart that doesn’t judge others or talk about people behind their back and I speak for all the students at Clementon High School, treat others the way you would like to be treated.”