Tails Nightmare

Sonic and Tails are the 1st work at the pizzeria and find 4 animatronics that are meant to entertain children in the day in the night things get a little Snappy with them and start to move in the night Sonic went to look around while Tails just went to the office to watch sonic saw 3 of them on the stage Tails had a AK-47 with him just in case something goes wrong. Sonic finds something that he liked best a bag of Doritos in Freddy’s hand Sonic tried to get them when Freddy looks at him. Sonic Ran in fear to the office with Tails while was watching the cameras looking at a fox animatronic thinking why is he out of order the phone rang at 12:00 when their shifts started the phone guy told them what happened to the fox animatronic with the Bite of 87 tails was thinking about it and that he saw it in the newspaper. Sonic was still in fear and said that Freddy looked at him with this weird look on his face Black eyes with 2 whited dots in their eyes like they were possessed Tails told him to calm down and that he was thinking about this and that was his imagination Tails saw on the cameras that The fox was gone from the pirates cove. Tails shut both of the doors and hoping it was going to hold out them both rang knuckles with the amount of battery life on the phone and told him to get them out of there. Knuckles arrived and it was 6AM they went limb like rag dolls they all ran like they had seen a ghost they. Night 2. 12 AM knuckles took the night shift and wanted to see if they were just paranoid from staying up all night last night Knuckles saw that the duck thing was gone and Freddy was in the bathroom he looked in the hall and the duck was in there and ran off in the other hall avoid them the fox and the other animatronics where watching him and ran down the road down and off a cliff and died from jumping off it. (location 2 FNAF 2) Tails had been knocked out by sonic to get him to the pizzaria New and improved. Tails and sonic had a fight while Toy Freddy was in the hall having Doritos Tails still had the AK-47 gun with him for protection Tails notices him and aimed at him and freddy ran off leaving the chips behind for sonic to take with him Sonic Went out the office to look arround and found 3 other robots he walked up to toy Bonnie until it chased him to the office tails saw them running down the hall and put on the only empty freddy head that was laying around him Sonic Ran into the room behind the office bonnie walked to the door while sonic was ready with Tails AK-47 ready to shoot and set to fire Bonnie opened the door slowly and Tried to jump scare him to knock him Sonic shot just in time before 6 am and then sonic and tails walked out like kings that they survived FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S