1914-One day in Japan 1914 a young boy aged 9 his name was Louis was walking home from school the clouds where very dark and he heard a noise like a car but much louder.He stopped walking and took a look around but he could see nothing it was all normal.He got home and dropped his school bag on the floor.He saw his dad yelling at his big brother harry.He was always getting into trouble.Louis went upstairs to his bedroom looked out the window Louis saw a little bit of movement in the cloud he looked closer and saw a plane he had studied planes and that was a bomber his dad was a leader of the japan army so he yelled out dad come up here.Louis's dad came up had a looked.He saw the plane so he ran down BOOM !!!!!!!! a bomb was drooped nearby I was a bit worrieed one will blow up here.Louis’s dad ran to the town hall.He ordered them to shoot down the planes.Louise's mum told him to stay in his bedroom.His older brother was part of the army so he grabbed a big rifle and ran out the door the door slammed shut.There was one bomb in a plane coming there way Louis could also see american men shooting the Japanese he saw his brother out there for a second then he was out of sight.A plane came screeching down Louise started running down to the kitchen.The plane hit louis’s bedroom and he saw fire burning his house he started crying just then his brother runned in and yelled we have to leave now he said Louis and his older brother harry went out the back door and started running harry told him the place had another bomb that blew up.They had been walking for about an hour now and they were now in a city in Japan.Louis’s brother said his dad was in the sky in a good place now.They both felt better.2001- and each day they got older and would share the story with other people sometimes they walked in a parade with everyone watching They never knew what happened to her they think she escaped the war but there not sure.


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