Migrating To Another Country

Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

Have you ever felt like you didn't belong anywhere, that you were a stranger and were completely different to everyone else around you? That is exactly how I felt when my mother and I came to this country, with nothing but the clothes on our backs. My country was going through war and poverty. Many people in our town were homeless as bombs destroyed everything we had. My nights were filled with bombs, explosions and people running in fear. Sometimes I would dream of peace descending our country and everyone living in harmony and happiness. These were the saddest dreams of all, because I thought that they would never happen.

I would hear my mum crying herself to sleep every night. She had lost her brother, father and numerous uncles and cousins to war. Her mother had died in her sleep, overwhelmed with grief. One morning my mum decided she had enough and we would no longer live this nightmare life. It was going to be one of our biggest life transitions. My mum said we would be moving to a safer country called "Australia". It was the day I would say my goodbyes to my friends, remaining family and to my life as I knew it.

The first thing I noticed about this country was the quietness, the beautiful quietness. My mother and I certainly looked very different to everyone else and we could not understand their language. It was difficult to assimilate at first and I although I felt safer here, I did feel lonely and missed all my friends, family, neighbours and teachers back home.

Slowly my mother and I learnt to speak English and we began to make friends with our new neighbours and local shop keepers. We were thankful to the many people who made us feel welcome and helped us when we felt overwhelmed.

Over the last few years the nightmares have subsided, my mother no longer cries herself to sleep and I have made many new fiends of different cultures. And my English, well it is so good now I'm at the top of my class and still excelling.


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