Tonight's the time where no one would dare come out of their houses without a spooky costume on, except for me. My reason is because I'm scared of the haunted house. Every year I have been trying to find my friend and still have not found him.

So it is horrible that I have lost my friend for 5 years but I am going to find him this year. His name is Carlo, oh and my name is Ethan. We lived next door to each other. His parents miss him too much and I do too.

Let me tell you some facts about how Halloween unfolds where we live. It is much freakier than other places. One time there was a zombie that ate someone's brain! But apart from that kids get lots of treats and sweets that are delicious to eat so that’s a good thing.

Let me tell the story of how my friend vanished into thin air, in other words, in a blink of an eye.

It was halloween, 2011 and , Carlo and I went trick or treating, just the two of us. We were in grade one. We went walking to every house in our street, but not the haunted house. We challenged ourselves and thought we should go into the spooky house. We went down to the horrifying haunted house., it was dead silent until suddenly my friend Carlo tripped on a twig and vanished into gloominess. The only thing I could hear was Carlo screaming, “HELP ME, HELP ME !!!!!”
I think he fell into a trap.I was trying to find him but I was freaking out so much that I ran back home. That night I barely slept. Carlo’s parents were really upset. I couldn't help think that it was my fault. I have never forgiven myself for what happened that night . So that is how Carlo mysteriously disappeared.

Halloween came around again and guess what happened? I gained enough courage to go find him and that I did. So now he is with me and we are writing the story that you are reading.

So if you go trick or treating on October the 31st watch out for those zombies, make sure they don't eat your brain, and beware that those sneaky ghosts don't haunt you or those nasty witches that might turn you into a mouse. Halloween is also when people tell scary stories to each other.


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