A Big Decision

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kelli and she lived close to her two good friends Jade and Emily. They all went to the same school but they were all in different classes. Kelli was in Grade 4 Kittens, Jade was in grade 4 Puppies and Emily was in Grade 6 Cats. It was March 1st and they were all very excited for the month. It was 8:00am in the morning. “It’s time to go to school!” said Kelli’s mum Jacqui. Kelli got here bag and headed for the door meeting her mother at the car. “Have you got everything?” Jacqui asked. Kelli nodded her head as Jacqui started going to school with Jade and Emily on their tail. They all got out of the car at school and all of the mothers kissed there girls good-bye. Kelli was happy to go to school today. Everyone was excited as March was a very fun month. Jade’s birthday was coming up and lots of friends asked her who is going to her party and when is it. Jade had to stay in the toilets. Emily was very excited but wasn’t fully excited. Nensation-con was coming up and she needed someone to go with. It was the end of the day. “Kelli,” Emily asked, “would you like to come to Nensation..?” Jade ran and interrupted their conversation and said “Help me, everyone is trying to ask me when my birthday is. It’s the 20th of March! Aaaahhhhhh!!!” Jade ran for her life. Emily continued, “Would you like to come to Nensation-con with me?” You could hear everyone’s feet pounding on the ground. “Sure. When is it?” Kelli asked. Emily replied “19th-20th of March.” ‘That’s the same day as Jade’s birthday,’ Kelli thought. The bell rang and it was time to go to class. ‘30 more minutes till school ends,’ Kelli thought. 30 minutes passed and everyone ran out the door. Kelli’s mum was waiting outside. “How was school?” Jacqui asked. “It was good, I guess,” Kelli replied with a boring tone in her voice. “Really, what happened?” “We’ll talk about it later. Do you want a mint?” “Yes please, thank you,” Jacqui said. When Kelli got home, she dumped her bag on the ground and sat down on the couch with her computer. Jacqui sat down with her. “Why the long face?” She asked. “Nensation-con is coming up.” “That’s not a problem,” Jacqui said. “Yes it is, Jade’s birthday is the same day and I don’t know what to go to.” Kelli looked out the window. Jacqui told Kelli that there will be plenty of people at Jade’s party and Emily won’t have anyone to go with. Jacqui sent a text to Jades’ mum saying she can’t go. They replied saying that it’s fine. There will be plenty of people there. On the 19th-20th Kelli felt amazing and was glad that she went with Emily.


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