Tacos And Pizza

I’m SO SO SO happy it’s taco Tuesday! (and just incase you don’t know what taco Tuesday is, it’s basically a normal Tuesday but with taco EVERYTHING!!!) it’s the best! Okay I’m at school and we do speed writing on TACOS!

Okay, it’s recess and Celijah, Cavier, Gac and Hatt all smash down our tacos and then something incredibly sad happens, we’re not aloud to have any more tacos I mean we only had 50 each! so we decide to go off and play but when I get behind the toilets I see a GIANT rotten taco of course I dare everybody to have a bit “only if you do to” says Gac “fine” I mutter “I can’t believe we are doing actually doing this” says Cavier, our hands are raising to our mouths “I can’t do this it’s to gross” says Celijah as he hands it to me “CRUNCH!” our mouths go and surprisingly it’s still gross for a taco “MMmm thats not to bad” say Cavier “REALLY!” says Celijah while taking the bit he gave me “SSSSSPPPpppttttt” Celijah spits it out “HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaha” laughs Cavier “hey! that’s gross” says Celijah “Actually I find it quite interesting from the texture to the fine.....” explains Hatt “whatever” says Gac.

Okay I will say pizza Wednesdays are pretty awesome. Okay I’m at school and we are all looking at Cavier jittering around like a maniac and me being the good friend that I am I ask him what’s wrong “hey Cavier, what’s the problem?” “problem’ what problem I’m fine” Cavier tries to say in a calm voice which he wasn’t “DING DING DING” the bell rings. Cavier jumps up and screams “YAAAAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOOO!” and runs outside “first in line oh yeah oh yeah mmmhm mmmhm mmmhm yes yes yes yes!!!” Cavier sings to himself Gac says “wow somebody is exited for pizza.” Me Gac, Celijah and Hatt slowly eat our pizza but Cavier smashes down his pizzas “c’mon c’mon guys I’m so bored!!!” sighs Cavier “Okay fine” I say then we eat our pizzas faster. We all go off to play a little down ball and Cavier looks really sad and me being the good friend that I am again I ask him “whats wrong?” and Cavier answers “I’m not said I’m going SUPER SAYNE!!!” and won’t stop screaming and when I go up to him he face plants and I really really really wish I had caught it on video, “we should take him to the sickbay” says Celijah “or I could beat you all in some more down ball?” I challenge them “your on!” says Gac. So me and Gac play more down ball and Celijah and Hatt take Cavier to the sickbay