“Lady Morina is a mysterious person back in my days,” said Uncle Mo. I was at my uncle’s place. I always enjoy his stories good or bad. But my Aunt Karin scolds him for telling me tales because she thinks that I’m too young. Also she doesn’t believe in them. “Oh Harry! Every time I’ve to tell you don’t tell the young folks, your stupid stories,” she scolded my uncle. My uncle is a little deaf. Sometimes he purposely pretends not to hear. ”Keep telling them stories? Ok,” chuckles my uncle. Karin rolls her eyes. “She was a young beautiful girl but she was very secretive. Her nose was always buried in dusty books. I think that’s why she’s always sneezes,” he chuckled at his own joke. I was fascinated by every word. Though, I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling at the humorous joke. ”She was always found in strange places such as an underground tunnel. She always seemed to be looking for something, as if she lost something. She had short brown hair, a Goth pale face that barely showed any motion. She always wore the same clothes every day,” he explained.

I took in this information.” Well, one day she started being nice to people. She started sweeping the village, cleaning people’s houses and all sorts of things. Then she changed again. She started visiting the queen of the country more often, Queen Tina. Eventually the queen became so attracted to her and made her, her maid. Now the queen had seven maids, one for each day of the week,” he told me. ”Weird,” I muttered. “Lady Morina changed back into her dull normal secretive self. But she would change back to her nice self as soon as she bumps into the queen,” continued my uncle. “Why does she do that?” I asked. “All will make sense at the end Tim”, Uncle Mo assured me. “Months passed with peace and harmony. The other maids grew suspicious about Morina. One night Morina sneakily snuck into Queen Tina’s chambers. She had a dagger in one hand and a sack in the other. When she was going to betray the queen and kill her. The six other maids caught her trying to do so. And with that racquet the queen woke up and threw the traitor into the dungeons ready to be executed by dawn,” he explained with a scary look in his face. ”After her execution the Hall Of Peace was struck by an illness. A foul smell will come every now and then. It was believed that the curse of Lady Morina caused all this trouble. Her ghost still haunts the Hall Of Peace and is one of the reasons why it was closed down and is now abandoned. Lady Leah, the leader of the Hall Of Peace says that the curse will one day be lifted. The end,” finished my uncle. I was so fascinated. I never stopped asking question. ”Isn’t over” started Uncle Mo.

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