One day I saw one fairy walking down the street. The fairy was flying to the shops. She bought milk and chicken and some make up and after she paid she went to another shop and bough high heals some lip stick and she even bought a drink After that she went home and she had a little rest. After her rest she went in the kitchen and baked a cake. She was waiting for her cake to cook. She put on some music and she listened to it. After that time went on she decided her icing and she went to take the cake out and then she went into the bathroom and then she styled her hair a bit and then she got ready for ballet. Then she took the cake out and then she went outside into the car for ballet. She drived there. When she got there she was doing a nice ballet dance. She was having a great time and after that she went home and she even went to the kitchen and baked some cookies too for her birthday party. She decided to put up some decorations while she was waiting. Then when she put decorations up she went to her bed and cleared up her bedroom. She took her watering can and she watered her flowers and when she cooked the cookies she made some drinkes with the cookies and then she got ready the party bags. She put some lollies in the party bags and hen one of her friends knocked on the door and then she said happy birthday to the fairy. She gave her the present. They played together and they ate some cookies and milk and they had chocolate custard. It was a great time. They read a book together, she skipped the rope and they even jumped on the trampoline and then another girl came and knocked on the door. She came with the present. She said happy birthday to the fairy. She played with the fairy too. She played tickle monsters and she said lets play that game again and then hey had a picnic together. Now they pretended the house was ballet. They played ballet inside the bedroom. They both had a great time. They all tried on fairy's new high heals and then they both said they fit perfectly on our feet. After that they got their beds ready for their sleep. They flied to the kitchen to have to have a midnight feast. THey put their pyjamas on and they took their slippers and then they took their slippers off and went to sleep. THe next morning they said lets have another sleep over. They had breakfast and then they all got ready for ballet. They did a nice dance together and they typed on their phones message to their mums. The mums came over to sleep at the fairy's house too and they took their lollies bags and had the lollies from the party bags and they had a midnight feast.


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