Harry Whistle And His Fright

"Harry" a distant voice calls from somewhere in another dimension, "Harry, wake up already!" Harry immediately wakes up from his little nap like a lion leaping up from hiding to catch his prey.
"You slept through the whole maths test!" Mrs Friendly shouted at Harry Whistle now very angry.
"S-Sorry Mrs Friendly, I had a late bed time last night" Harry replied terrified, "Well who's fault is that" Mrs Friendly replied anxiously " "W-ell" Mrs Friendly interrupted "off you go the bells gone now, your lucky I don't have time for detention, maybe tomorrow.
Harry ran hoping with his dear life that Mrs Friendly wouldn't change her mind, away from school very scared, besides - he was just a average 12 year old with nothing special about him.
Finally he was on the road walking home from school, he relised it was late because no one was around, it seemed as dead as graveyard.
One, two then three steps down the road, Harry heard a rining sould that hurt his head and seemed to drug him for a few seconds making him dizzy, after a few seconds he recovred.
After a minuite or so he heard it again, but a lot louder, his head hurt so badly, he heart racing, he was so confused.
Falling on his knees he sware he saw a animal of some kind rush past him, all of a sudden he stood up again without trying, he didn't know why his body was moving himself, he became astonished of his body walking by its self, could he be possessed? No impossible! He began falling once again and on his knees like a man who was shot just about to fall down to its fate. Fading.....Fading... Until light appeared, Harry was in his bed, it's all a dream.
Thank goodness.


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