Hairy Pooper And The Magical Fairy Wand

“Yes,” yelled Hairy Pooper as he sprinted into the living room. “Yes, yes, yes,” he yelled as he tore the wrapper off his presents. “No, no, nooo,”he whispered as he looked inside his last present. He tried to shrink into his cloak but his wand was broken. “He’s been waiting for this all year for this,” whispered his mom to his aunty. “Time for school,” said Hairy’s mom as he was holding his new fairy wand.

“Hairy Pooper, did you remember your homework,” said his teacher Mrs Winker Gell. “Well go ahead.” Hairy Pooper was just about to perform his ice beam but someone called out “Hairy got a fairy wand!” A kid from the second row stated laughing, completely drawing all the confidence out of Hairy. “Well go ahead,” his teacher repeated. “I can’t do it,” said Hairy Pooper sadly. “To the Naughty Broom Stick! Not only did you lie to me, but you didn’t bring your homework in!,” yelled his teacher.

By lunch time came, Hairy was sulking. When he got outside everyone was leaving him alone. When Hairy thought it could only get better,” yo Hairy, nice wand you got there. Give me yo money,” said Big Bad Bobby. “Over my dead body Bobby!” screamed Hairy. “Whoops,” he whispered as Bobby pulled out his wand. “Is it a duel you want, then a duel you’ll get!”

“Fire beam!” “Water beam,” “Ice beam!” “Fire beam,” “It’s over Hairy, just give up now,” said Bobby. “Never.” “What to do,” thought Hairy. Then an idea struck him. “Fairy Power, that’s it” thought Hairy. Wacazam. “Is it just me or am I getting sleepy, ZZZ” said Bobby. “I can’t believe it, I beat him” yelled Hairy.

“When school finished, I beat Bobby. BOBBY,” said Hairy. “Ah, ah” replied mom. “Can you tell Aunty Wobbly, thank you.” “Sure” “ This was the best wand ever” thought Hairy Pooper as he stared into the window.

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